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Learn The Best Play By Ear Training Method For Piano

If you are interested in sounding better, learning songs faster, and playing in all 12 keys then look no further. The Play-By-Ear Manual is 141 pages of step-by-step piano training. 

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Our Book Is Organized Into (5) Modules

About Module One

Clear, Concise, Intro to Piano

Pages 1-30 are for beginners who are beginning their musical journey or for those who want to start over. This module will provide a solid foundation for your piano-playing skills. The first step in building your foundation is to master major scales and the number system. 


It is essential to identify every note in each scale to comprehend and play note progressions in every key. By studying Module One, we will guide you to develop this ability, and you will be able to use the number system effectively. After completing this module, you'll have the confidence to comprehend and play note progressions in any key. Don't miss out on this opportunity to improve your musical skills. 

About Module Two

Learn Which Chords To Play And When To Play Them

Once you have a good understanding of the major scale and grasp the numbers assigned to each note in the scale, you can move on to Module Two. Pages 31-49 of the manual will teach you a fundamental chord system that will assist beginners in playing songs with more ease. 


To play songs by ear in any key, you must identify the progression and know which chords to use on that scale degree. This can be overwhelming for novice musicians. For this reason, Module Two provides a chord system that utilizes the basic chords you already know, allowing you to play in any key with ease.

About Module Three

Applying The Chord System To Simple Songs In Every Key

Module Three focuses on helping you apply the basic chord system to songs in any key. Many musicians attempt to play songs with principles too complex for their untrained minds, which leads to frustration and giving up. This module is designed to help you understand and apply basic chords to various songs, building your comprehension step-by-step. By doing so, you can avoid the frustration of overreaching to songs above your skill.


Once you master Module Three, you will be one step closer to attempting intermediate-level songs, chords, and ideas. With this achievement, you will officially graduate from beginner-level content. Module Three is best paired with our live classes, so our team can guide you through various songs in the style you desire to play.

About Module Four

Go Beyond The Basics / Learn Better Sounding Concepts

Module Four is intended for musicians who have already gained a fundamental understanding of chords, scales, and the number system. In pages 59-109, we will take the basic chord system to the next level by introducing additional chords and teaching chord extensions, progressions, songs, and other related concepts.


Module Four seeks to develop mastery in playing the piano in every key at an Intermediate Level. Module Four works towards this goal by focusing on intermediate-level chords and progressions. This manual will also be used in our live classes to assist church musicians who require guidance in learning songs with intermediate level chords. Mastery of this step will help you become advanced level in execution and understanding.


About Module Five

Learn Advance Face Melting Chords


If you've never made a face like this while listening to someone play the piano, then you've probably never heard advanced chords being played. Many advanced-level concepts will cause you to stomp your feet, raise your hands, and feel overwhelmed by the music. In Module Five, we aim to help you achieve this level of proficiency by teaching you advanced-level chords and concepts.


Pages 110-141 of this book focus on adding advanced-level chords and concepts to the existing chord system that we have already taught you. By adding these advanced-level concepts, you will be able to add your own personal style and flair to your playing.




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